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Anticipate Your Customers' Needs

When you have a passion for hospitality, you don't just want to meet your customers' needs, you want to exceed them. Satisfying clients is not just what we do - it's who we are at Tavent Group, serving you from Connecticut to Pennsylvania.

Over 20 years of staffing services

Condominium residents can be as different and diverse as the number of rooms in your location. That's why we have rigorous training to handle any resident inquiry or request. Create a higher level of customer satisfaction for your residents.

Reliability and courtesy

The only thing worse than giving a resident incorrect or inaccurate information is delivering it without the courtesy everyone deserves. Reliability is earned, not deserved or given. However, courtesy is always deserved and expected.

  • Providing hotel staff training

  • Making customers feel special

  • A flawless guest experience

  • A standard of excellence

When you're ready to turn every customer into a repeat customer,

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